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Team Member Module PLUS

The Team Member Module lets you add a Team Member Image and Details, use this to showcase your team and their skills

To insert the Team Member Module, click the “Add Module” button in any Column, in the “Select Module” dialog box, click the “Team Member” button


  1. Name - Name of the Team Member
  2. Image URL - Portrait Image of the Team Member
  3. Job Title - Job Title of the Team Member
  4. Facebook Profile URL - URL of the Team Member’s Facebook Profile
  5. Twitter URL - URL of the Team Member’s Twitter Account
  6. Google + URL - URL of the Team Member’s Google + Account
  7. LinkedIn URL - URL of the Team Member’s LinkedIn Account
  8. Description - HTML/Text description about the Team member
  9. Margin Bottom - Spacing at the bottom for the Module
  10. CSS3 Animation - CSS3 Animation for the Module
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