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Managing Rows

Add a New Row

To add a new row click on either Columns, Image Slider or Gallery button based on the row type you need. These buttons are located at the bottom of a section

Clone a Row

To clone an existing row, click the copy icon located at the right side in therow header

Remove a Row

To remove a row, click the remove icon located at the right side in the row header

Expand/Collapse a Row

To expand or collapse a row, click the expand/collapse icon (Triangle facing Up or Down) located at the right side in the row header

Reordering Rows

You can reorder any row you want, simply place the cursor on the row header and click hold and then drag to it’s desired location

Row Settings

You can edit the Row settings by clicking the settings icon located at the right side in the row header. If the row type is Column you will see a dialog which lets you change the column layouts, for Image Slider and Gallery rows you will see their respective settings form.

Below are all the Row Settings

  1. Columns Vertical Alignment: – How should the columns in the Row be vertically aligned ?
  2. Padding Top – Padding/Spacing at the Top
  3. Padding Bottom – Padding/Spacing at the Bottom
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