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Managing Modules

Modules are the heart and soul of the Page Builder as they let you create any content you need. Quest includes 3 modules, Quest Plus adds an additional 15 modules like Accordion, Toggle, Tabs, Circle Counter, Box Counter, Testimonial, Team Member, Sidebar etc.

Modules can be inserted only in a columns row, once you create a column row and select the column layout, you will see the columns are blank and a button “Add Module”, clicking the button will add a module into the column, below is an image of an empty column with the “Add Module” button

  1. Click “Add Module” to add a module in a column
  2. Select the Module you want to insert from the Modules list
  3. Once you select a module, the module will be inserted into the column in the background and you will see the Module Settings modal box
  4. Change the Module settings as per your requirement
  5. Click Save on the Module Settings modal box and preview your changes
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