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Image Slider Row

To add an Image Slider, click on the “Image Slider” button at the bottom of the Section

Slider Options

Click the Image Slider Row Options Icon to configure the Image Slider Settings

  1. Slider Height - Set the height of the slider in pixels
  2. Slider Fullscreen PLUS - If set to FullScreen Slider height will be ignored and the slider will always be 100% to the browser viewport
  3. Slider Autoplay - Enable/Disable the slider autoplay
  4. Autoplay Interval - If autoplay is enabled, the time each slide should be displayed
  5. Slider Transition - Slit or Fade transition for the slider
  6. Transition Speed - Speed of the CSS3 Slide transitions

Slide Options

  1. Add a New Slide by clicking the “New Slide” button
  2. Click the Pencil Icon to edit the slide settings
    1. Image - Set the background image for the slide, leave it blank if you don’t want a background image
    2. Image Position - Set the image background position (horizontal and vertical), this gives you great control on which part of the image you want to show
    3. Background Color - Background color of the slide
    4. Heading - Title/heading of the slide
    5. Text - Text/content of the slide, enter any custom HTML
    6. Slice Orientation - Should the Slide transition animation slice happen vertical or horizontal
  3. After adding few slides you can rearrange the slides by hold click and then drag and drop
  4. To delete a slide click the remove icon
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