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Hover Icon Module

The Hover Icon Module lets you add an Icon with a nice Hover Effect, you can also add a Title and Description which will be displayed below the Icon. Below is how it looks in the Front End

To insert theHover Icon Module, click the “Add Module” button in any Column, in the “Select Module” dialog box, click the “Hover Icon” button


  1. Icon - Select the Icon you want to insert
  2. Icon Size - Size of the Icon, select from 1 to 5
  3. Color - Color of the Icon, this will be Icon Color and the border color
  4. Hover Color - Background Color of the Icon, when a user hovers on the Icon the Color and Hover Color will be swapped
  5. Icon Title - This will be the heading/title below the Icon
  6. Icon Text - This will be the text below the Icon Title
  7. Icon Link - Any URL the Icon will point to
  8. Margin Bottom - Spacing at the bottom for the Module
  9. CSS3 Animation - CSS3 Animation for the Module
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