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Add a Gallery row to display any images as a gallery with lightbox, to add a Gallery click the “Gallery” button at the bottom of the section

Gallery Options

Click the Image Gallery Row Options Icon to configure the Gallery Settings

  1. Thumbnails Shape - Select Rounded or Square thumbnails
  2. No. of Columns - Number of Columns per row
  3. Show Padding - Show Spacing between thumbnails

Gallery Images

When a Gallery row is created it also creates 4 empty images.

  1. Click on the “New Image” button if you want to add a new image
  2. Click the Pencil Icon to edit the image settings
    1. Select Image - Select the image
    2. Link - Any URL the Image should point to, if this option is set clicking on the image thumbnail will take you to the URL and will NOT open the image in a lightbox
    3. Image Title - Heading/Title below the Image Thumbnail
    4. Image Description - Text below the Image in the Lightbox

You can make a full width gallery by setting the parent Section Width to  “Fluid”

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