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Accordion / Toggles Module PLUS

The Accordion/Toggle Module lets you add an Accordion (Open only one item at a time) or a Toggle (Open any items at a time). Below is how it looks in the Front End

To insert the Accordion/Toggle Module, click the “Add Module” button in any Column, in the “Select Module” dialog box, click the “Accordion / Toggles” button


  1. Type - Accordion or Toggle
  2. Margin Bottom - Spacing at the bottom for the Module
  3. CSS3 Animation - CSS3 Animation for the Module



Once you add an Accordion / Toggle Module, you can add Items inside it, the items are the actual Accordion/Toggle Items. By default a blank item will be added to the Module like below

Clicking the “Pencil”  Icon will open the Item “Settings”, clicking the Remove/Delete   Icon will remove the item.

Item Settings

  1. Icon - Select an Icon, the Icon will be displayed before the Item Title
  2. Title - Title for the Item, this will be the text the User will see and click to expand the Item
  3. Content - Item Content, can be Text or HTML
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